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Two for one dinners: pork - cooking-tips


If you find scraps boring, disgusting or downright "yuck," then here are some ideas to put the "zing" back into mealtime. With a barely inspiration your home-cooked meal can by far befall a delicious meal a further night. There are a six articles in this series, today we are going to look at what you can do with pork.

DINNER - NIGHT ONE: Braised Pork

Put a pork side in the oven to bake bit by bit in carroty juice, ginger, garlic and brown sugar until it is tender a sufficient amount to pull apart with a fork. Serve it with easy-to-prepare steamed rice and stir-fried brocoli. Store the free meat in the refrigerator for up to 2 to 3 days.


Using the extra pork that you have baked, shred the left over tenderloin, hoisin sauce and ragged carrots and Napa cabbage. Roll the mixture in warm flour tortillas topped with hoisin sauce. Serve with vegetables (jicama, carrots, zucchini, celery, Napa cabbage, green onions) sauteed lightly with soy sauce, garlic and red in sesame oil.

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