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Save money ? the crock way - cooking-tips


Saving money - is a touch we would all like to do. Whether you are struggling to administer day to day or earning a six amount salary, cutback is a touch we all think about.

There is one thing we can all save on. The one thing we all do, every day, quite a few times a day.

We all ? Eat!.

And food these days can be so expensive. It is quite easy to go to the grocers and spend your intact weeks pay just on food. Meat above all can put a hole in anyone's budget.

After a long day at work, the last thing you want is to spend the rest of the day in the kitchen preparing dinner. So the quick alternative is often just to fry or grill up some steak. But this is expensive. And frying those cheaper cuts of meat - ugh!

You have heard the old aphorism 'tough as old boots'.

They end up so tough, that even if you do cope to eat them; you will be lucky not to chip a tooth or displace a jaw; both of which cost even more.

How about if you could save money on your food bill and save hours in the kitchen at the same time?

Well the elucidation for you is . . . the Crock Pot.

It allows you to turn those cheap meat cuts into not only edible, but certainly delicious meals. And, does it all, while you are at work.

This is not some new gimmicky thing you see in info-commercials on late night television. This is a real kitchen application that has been about since the early 1970's.

It uses low heat and a slow cooking fashion which tenderizes the meat.

Just put the vegetables and meat in the pot in the dawn on the way to work and come home to the delightful aroma of banquet ready in the evening.

Save money - the cheapest meat cuts are the best ones to use, they are full of flavour and be conscious of the long cooking time.

Happy Crock Cooking
Lisa - "The Crock Cook"


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